Domain name & Registration


Name Register Transfer Renew
domain name com icon $11.99 12.47 $11.99 $12.47
domain name com icon $28.79 $28.79 $29.27
domain name com icon $18.59 $18.59 $19.07
domain name com icon $29.99 $29.99 $30.47
domain name com icon $16.43 $16.43 $16.91
domain name com icon $18.59 $19.07 $18.59 $19.07
domain name com icon $58.79 $58.79 $37.19

Transfer your domains to
Orychard Global

You can easily start using your domain name by transferring it from another hosting
provider to Orychard Global with just a few clicks!

Contact Your Current Registrar

Ask your current domain registrar to help you get your domain ready for transfer. You will need them to unlock the domain, remove any privacy protection from your WHOIS registration, and obtain the authorization code.

Contact An Expert

Contact an expert at Orychard Global, using the ‘Reg. Transfer’ button below. You’ll need to fill in the form and message details in the input box. You’ll then need to pay the transfer fee (which varies amongst the different TLDs).

Keep an Eye on Your Email Inbox

Confirm any emails from Orychard Global or the current registrar to ensure a speedy transfer.

Wait for the Transfer Completion

Wait 24 hours for the transfer to complete. You will receive an email once this is done.

Already have a domain that you love?

No problem! It’s quick. Just transfer your hosting, domain registrations, or both to Orychard Global.